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Teddy Long kicked off this week’s Smackdown! introducing the new World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton and announcing a 20 man over the top rope battle royal to determine the new #1 contender. I was actually surprised that Teddy made an announcement that I was excited about. Oh and Orton cut a promo as well…telling us his name was Randy Orton…exhilarating. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase came out after Orton’s promo to confront him and damn was I impressed by Cody’s mic work. He’s really coming into his own and I could see him as a top talent. If you didn’t see the promo or need a refresher here you go…(right around the 5:48 mark)

You can thank me later. His mic work is fantastic. Emotion, facial expressions, tone of voice, vocabulary, etc. For the longest time I never saw him as a main event guy, but he could be. You have to wonder though, how long can he keep this mask gimmick up until it gets stale, what will he do after that, and will it work? I don’t know, but what he’s doing now is fantastic. I’m hoping he does a program with Orton down the line. They have quite the history together so it could be interesting. Oh and Orton buried Ted…not that anyone cares, but I just find it laughable how badly Ted has been buried since his departure from Legacy.

Cody and Zeke had a match for the IC title. Hopefully that takes care of their mini feud. I really don’t want to see Cody carry every last pound of Zeke through every promo and match for weeks on end. Maybe we could see Sheamus/Rhodes starting next week. I’d love to see that. Anyways, this match was nothing to scream about, but of course Rhodes retained. I’m loving his reign already and it’s only been a week. I’m going to have fun watching him hold the title.

We then go to a Ryder/Long segment where Zack said he was going to win the battle royal and it was announced that the Undisputed WWE Champion had been invited to Smackdown!. Aksana then entered the shot and Zack walked off to leave Long and Aksana alone in the process giving Teddy a vote of confidence which made me lol. Aksana….God only knows how much I’ve adored your gimmick change. Her sexual innuendos towards Teddy which seem to be a “result of her poor English” are extremely entertaining to watch. These segments between Long and Aksana have been awesome and extremely edgy and I’m loving WWE’s move back towards more adult oriented content. Here’s the segment…(starts around 5:25 or 6:25, I can’t remember)

We then had Gabriel/Kidd which drew zero interest from me. Can’t remember the match though. Afterwards, ADR came out and did the same promo and repeated himself for the 100th time. He then issued an open challenge and Daniel Bryan came out and accepted. I didn’t watch the match as I was preoccupied, but I heard good things. I did, however, enjoy Booker owning Cole before ADR’s promo, made me lol. Starts around 3:48 or so…

We then had a tag match between Kelly Kelly/AJ and Nattie/Alicia Fox. Barring Kelly’s and Alicia’s ring work, it was an awesome match. I’m loving the push the Divas’ division is getting with more ring time. AJ and Nattie worked well together and I love seeing the Divas with actual talent get more time on TV. AJ and Kelly went over, or won if you aren’t familiar with wrestling speak, and Nattie attacked Alicia afterwards for being pinned by Kelly thus further cementing her agenda against the “barbie doll” Divas. This may lead to a face turn by Alicia, again if you have no clue what I’m saying brush up on your wrestling terms, Wikipedia is a good place to do so, but I’m not sure.

I’m reading the spoilers for this week’s show as a refresher and it says the battle royal was next, but I feel like there was something else. There were a few backstage interviews and SummerSlam Axxess promos so I guess that’s it. Anyways, the battle royal was okay. No noteworthy spots. I was pissed off Barrett didn’t win, but I expected Henry to win. Makes the most sense since he’s torn through everyone else. The thing I was most upset about was instead of the final two being Sheamus/Henry it was Sin Cara/Henry(the final four were Sheamus, Henry, Barrett, and Sin Cara). It would have made sense given their history, but of course the go with the worn out David v. Goliath bullshit. Though I suppose it was for the best. Why have Sheamus put Henry over again? He didn’t lose clean at SummerSlam and Henry didn’t eliminate him for the win during the battle royal so he hasn’t really been buried at all which is good.

So that was pretty much it. Good Smackdown!, but I didn’t appreciate the ring work with the exception of the Divas’ match which is crazy to even fathom that being the case. Though I suppose if I had watched it, Bryan/Barrett would have been cool. Looking forward to next week and that’s all that matters. Tell me what you thought of the show in the comments and I haven’t asked this yet, but subscribe to the blog if you want. I didn’t even know you could until just before writing this entry. Other than that, take it easy guys.