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IC Title: William Regal v. RVD

Though it was a tad bit short, it was a good match and one of the better curtain jerkers I’ve seen from a Wrestlemania. Started the show off on a good note. – ***

European Title: DDP v. Christian

Christian started the program off with a good promo which set the tone for the match. DDP and Christian are really good workers so I was excited for this one. Overall it was a good match. Enjoyed the finisher counters at the end, but knew it was over when DDP hit the Diamond Cutter. Good match. – ***1/4

Hardcore Title: Goldust v. Maven

Don’t really know the build to this match, so maybe that took away from it, but overall this match was nothing special. Dustin got a few laughs out of me with the gold weapons especially the shovel. When he tossed him into the barrier at the start of the match, it looked REALLY good. Other than that, it was extremely short and thought that Spike Dudley coming from nowhere to win was BS. I mean it’s Spike freaking Dudley. Then the backstage brawl turning into Hurricane winning was just facepalm worthy. Luckily Maven gets it back later on. Poor match though. – **

Kane v. Kurt Angle

Really good match. Kurt kicked things off with a rather funny promo that got him some good heat. Kane, as always in those days, came down to the ring with intensity and all the intimidation in the world. I thought these two were good foils for one another in the ring. Kurt had wrestling and athleticism on his side and Kane had power and strength on his. Kane, surprisingly, showed some athleticism of his own with the spinning powerslam and enzuguri. I was really amazed with Angle’s modified suplex from the top rope. So quick and so agile. Really enjoyed the finish with Angle reversing the Chokeslam into a roll up and using the ropes. – ***3/4

Ric Flair v. Undertaker

The promo before the match gave me a glimpse of how the build went and it seemed like a good build. Both men came to hurt each other and that’s exactly what they did. Ric brought it from the get-go and dominated the first 2 – 2 and a half minutes of the match then Taker went on a mean streak of violence. Then both men had highs and lows and was enough to keep my attention. I thought AA’s interference was really good. His spinebuster on Taker got an “OMG” out of me. Didn’t think ol’ AA had it in him. In the end Taker got the win, of course. I want to give this match a good rating just because it’s Taker/Flair, but overall it wasn’t anything too special, but it was enough to entertain me. – ***1/2

Edge v. Booker T

 The match was rather good. Both men brought it and the action never really seemed to slow down. Edge’s missed spear into the turnbuckle got an audible reaction from me and looked bad, in a good way of course. The Edgerooni was a fun little trick to watch as well. The multiple counters into the Edgecution were really good and Edge of course got the win. The only thing I didn’t like was Edge’s failed Hurracuranna from the top turn buckle. Even before it was executted I was worried because of Booker’s foot placement. Knew he was gonna get caught on the ropes and he did. JR sold it was Booker resisting, but I don’t know if that’s trully what happened. Overall, a fun match. Short, but fun. ***3/4

Stone Cold Steve Austin v. Scott Hall w/ Kevin Nash

Started off slow with the two trading blows going back and forth. Until it happened, I was waiting for Nash to get involved and it didn’t take long with Austin delivering a shot to the back. Though I just watched it, nothing really stands out for a couple of minutes mainly because I was side tracked with something else. However, towards the end things heated up. Nash’s interference taking out the 1st ref and coming to the aid of Hall caught my attention. Austin then delivers a stunner to each and goes for the pin on Hall. There’s no conscious ref so we wait for another to get to the ring. One finally does and right before the 3 count Nash takes out this ref as well. At this point, I knew Austin was pissed and he just went ape shit on the two. It was pretty much all Austin from there on out until Hall hit a stunner on Austin which got me thinking he was gonna pick up the victory, but he didn’t. Austin finally hits back to back stunners on Hall which I found fucking hilarious and Hall sold them very well especially the second one. Austin gets the victory and receives a huge pop from the fans. The ending really made the match. – ****

WWF Tag Team Titles: Four-Team Elimination Match

Let me just start by saying that Stacy was too fucking hot dancing on stage. Look good the entire time actually and damn was Jeff lucky to get a feel of that. 😀

Anyway, I thought the match dragged on a bit too long. Dvon’s table spot was good as well as the Dudley’s overall elimination. Thought the match was over after Billy’s Fameasser which of course followed a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb on Chuck, but it wasn’t. Really good false finish. Though in the end I thought the finish was really weak. We could have ended on a Twist of Fate/Swanton Bomb combo which had the crowd going, but a cheap shot with the title gets Billy and Chuck the win. Overall, the match felt dragged out and sloppy at times. The finish sucked and the titles went to the wrong team. However, Stacy’s ass was a great match saver. – **3/4

The Rock v. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Well, what can you say. It’s the fucking Rock and Hulk Hogan! This match truly was GREAT. Storytelling at it’s finest. The come face to face, the look around and realize what’s about to go down. The Rock, the future of the company, gets knocked down by the great veteran Hulk Hogan, but he gets up and begins a comeback. The match starts slow and slowly, slowly builds. The pace quickens as the match goes on. The fans are cheering for The Rock, they’re cheering for Hogan. The crowd was on absolute fire the entire time. The two competitors are truly going at it and then, it happens. Hulk begins to Hulk up like only he can. Nothing can phase him. He does the “YOU!” pose Rocky takes a few bumps and Hogan hits the leg drop and goes for the pin, but it’s not over! Finally, Rocky hits a Rock Bottom, but he knows he isn’t through and hits another Rock Bottom yet he still isn’t satisfied. We all knew it was coming. The Rock does a kipup and stands over Hogan. Off comes the elbow pad. Rock flies across the rings, hits the ropes, and delivers a People’s Elbow! Drops to the mat, goes for the pin, and “1-2-3!” gets it. Amazing match. Icon vs. Icon. It lived up to the hype and then some. The only thing that would have made it better is if I was old enough to get into the storyline and truly enjoy the match and watch it as it happened, but I was not. Nonetheless, amazing match. True class shown at the end with the hand shake. Then Rocky coming back to save Hogan from Hall and Nash Great fucking moment. – *****

Women’s Title: Triple Threat between Jazz, Lita, and Trish Stratus

Wasn’t expecitng much from this match. I saw it more of a relief match after what was an epic Rock/Hogan matchup. Something to let the crowd chill out for a while. Didn’t really achieme much else. Jazz got the win. – **

Undisputed WWF Title: Chris Jericho w/ Stephanie McMahon v. Triple H

Crowd wasn’t as into as they should have been. Maybe they were still word out from Hogan/Rock, but this was still a solid match. Hogan/Rock should have headlined, bu it isn’t like this match sucked. It was a good match. I enjoyed Stephanie’s presence and Jericho’s attack on Trips’ leg. The table spot was great and overall the match was entertaining. – ***3/4

Overall the PPV was really good and kept me interested throughout the entire show. One of the better Wrestlemania’s of all time.

Wrestlemania 18 – ****