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Again, late, but here it is.

Sheamus/Bryan – MINUS FIVE STARS!

– Really pissed me off to have the WHC match go 18 seconds. It’s an even bigger embarrassment than Chavo’s loss to Kane at WM24 for the ECW title because the WHC is a main event title. It just goes to show how badly WWE needs to go back to a one brand company because it’s clear they don’t give a fuck about half of them. Still, the match had no build to it anyway so it fits.

Kane/Orton – **3/4

-Solid match. Nothing groundbreaking, but for 11 minutes it was pretty damn good. The finish shocked me, but looking at it now I know why they did it and it makes sense.

Big Show/Rhodes – **1/4

-On the one hand I wanted this match to go longer because I genuinely liked the feud, especially Cody’s work, but I understand why it only went 5 minutes. It was nothing more than a filler feud, but it was actually good and I was looking forward to this. Cody took some punishment from those giant chops from Show so I give him props from that. They did what they could with what they had.

Divas Match – Didn’t give one fuck. “Check your skidmarks” chant was the best thing about the match.

Taker/HHH – ****3/4

This is where things really started to feel like ‘Mania. AWESOME match. Taker took unbelievable amounts of punishment from those chairs. His entire upper back was black and blue and yet he was still able to dash around the ring for those offensive runs. Emotion poured out of all three men, Shawn especially. Him and HHH were dumbfounded at Taker’s resilience. I loved it. The ring steps spot was brutal and the Sweet Chin Music/Pedigree spot was ridiculous. We were all jumping out of our seats when it happened, but Taker still kicked out. The ending was great and Taker goes 20-0. We saw glimpses of Shawn turning on HHH AND working against Taker. Ref bumps were fantastic for the lulz and everything just worked. Classic near falls, choreography, bumps, endurance, and emotion. If they had used the cell more it would have been perfect, but nonetheless a fantastic match.

12 Man Tag Match – Not really rating worthy…that and I forgot the entire match. Just a crowd cooler for the double main event. Pretty standard.

Punk/Jericho – ****1/4

Before rewatching it, I walked away with feeling as though it was a rather boring match. Nothing 4 star worthy at all, but then after watching it a second time, it was an awesome match. Back and forth swings of momentum and offense alike, great intensity, Jericho talking shit, and a fantastic finish. I mean the finish really made this match. Back and forth into submissions and pins really worked the crowd until Jericho attempted a Walls of Jericho which Punk then reversed into an Anaconda Vice. Jericho waited for the crowd to peak and right before it would begin to fall, he tapped. Great match.

Rock/Cena – ****1/4

Now I think that Punk/Jericho was the better match, but Rock/Cena get the same rating only because of the crowd, the finish, the stage it was on, and obviously The Rock. The match was nothing special. For this grand finale a year in the making with hype video after hype video and video special after video promo after rap battle after Rock concert after Twitter fights, it fell short. It wasn’t Rock/Hogan. It was…ehh. Don’t get me wrong, definitely a good match, but the middle portions of the match were really slow and for all the hype it got, it didn’t feel like either man REALLY wanted it. It never got to the point where either man had to REALLY push through to get the victory. It just sorta happened. I liked the finish and the crowd went APESHIT. I mean they panned out from the hard camera and you can see EVERY SINGLE FAN with their arms in the air jumping around with lights flashing and everyone screaming. It truly was a sight to behold, but I feel like it fell short.

Wrestlemania 28 – ***3/4

A strong show that had a lot of potential, but fell short. Everyone will look back and remember this as a great Wrestlemania because of Rock/Cena, but objectively speaking it looked better on paper. If Sheamus/Bryan had actually been given time it would have been better, but still better than 25-27. LOADS better. I was actually pleased after watching Wrestlemania for the first time in 4 years.


I’m a little late, but just haven’t gotten around to this yet.  Gonna make this quick.

Kane/Orton – ***1/4
Fantastic match, well paced, made use of the stip, a great near fall after the chokeslam from Kane, and a fun finish that I personally enjoyed.

Clay/Ziggler – **
Why are we wasting Ziggler like this?

Show/Rhodes – **3/4
The finish protects Show and gets Cody his momemtum back while building heat at the same time. Well done.

Bryan/Sheamus – ****
Slow start, but strong finish. Every fall was done in a way to protect the other guy. Both men looked good.

Ryback squash – unrated

Punk/Jericho – ****1/2
Great match with loads of awesome spots. Punk was in top form tonight. Just worked so well.

Divas – **
Layla looks really good and not just from a beauty aspect.

Cena/Lesnar – ****1/2
INSANE match even after having the decision and major spots spoiled for me. Cena took an ass beating. I still believe there was a small portion of shoot fighting amongst that. Small instances, but still. Very convincing and brutal match. Loved it.

Fave matches in order – 1. Punk/Jericho 2. Orton/Kane 3. Cena/Lesnar

Extreme Rules 2012 – ****

Summerslam 2003 Poster

From this review forward I’m going to be centering all everything rather than just the matches. Looks more organized. I’ll also be adding in a picture to lead off each review and maybe some throughout the post. I think it’ll spice things up. Just a heads up.

La Resistance v. The Dudley Boyz – World Tag Team Title Match

We’re so used to seeing high flying, high impact thrillers from the Dudleyz, but this match just wasn’t that. Given, it wasn’t a stipulation match so it obviously wasn’t going to be epic, but it still had a chance to open the show well. However, it just didn’t. The majority of the match felt boring and flat. Nothing really stuck out and Rene Dupree selling every move like shit didn’t help. He literally took a punch and then took the stiffest back bump I’ve ever seen on a second and a half delay. It was just painful to watch and Grenier wasn’t much better. It wasn’t until the last 2-3 minutes or so where we saw something good. Bubba got D-Von riled up and hit a 3D on Dupree. Just as the ref was about to hit the three count Grenier pulls the ref out of the ring and distracts him while Rob Conway, then known as just the service man or Marine from the crowd, dressed as a camera hit D-Von with a camera which allows Dupree to pick up the win. Boring match, but a clever finish. – **3/4

Undertaker v. A-Train w/ Sable

I like this match, I really do. Taker went above and beyond to sell his rib injury even with the smallest things. He sold i extremely well which is one reason why I like this match. Taker was on the receiving end of a lot of punishment as A-Train focused on the ribs. Taker would mount a comeback with his patented Old School maneuver. A-Train would get a few chair shots in, as the ref took a bump earlier, but Taker would eventually stick the boot right through the chair sending it back into A-Train’s face. It eventually led to A-Train reversing a Last Ride and a Tombstone until Taker finally got him in a chokeslam and secured a pinfall. Taker was going to continue his assault on A-Train but Sable stepped in, still looking as fine as ever, and tried to seduce him but to no avail. Before Taker could chokeslam her Stephanie McMahon’s music hits and she hits the ring to exact revenge on Sable for A-Train injuring her a month earlier at Vengeance. Steph pounded on Sable for a while until A-Train pulled her away and that was pretty much it. Solid match with a great finish. Loved the way Taker refused Sable whoring herself upon him, kayfabe wise of course. – ***1/4

Shane McMahon v. Eric Bishoff

I won’t recap the whole storyline, but it sure as hell was heated. Bischoff, supposedly, slept with Shane’s mother and the promos for that by the way are just plain wrong. Shane came to the ring ready to fight and he did for the first few minutes. He dominated Bischoff as expected, but it didn’t take long for something shady to go down to aid Bischoff. What was that shady thing you ask? Just Coach hitting Shane with a steel chair. The ref tried to DQ Bischoff, but he announced that it was now a no DQ match and falls count anywhere. They would gang up on Shane until Austin intervened. Bischoff and Shane were both down so Coach had a standoff with Austin, but Austin couldn’t lay hands on Coach unless physically proved by Coach. Shane cleverly pushed Bischoff into Austin which allowed Austin to go on the attack and pretty much annihilate Coach. Austin stunned both Bischoff and Coach. Mind you amidst all this chaos the match was still in progress. Shane would then go on to put Bischoff through the Spanish announcers table with a Leap of Faith and because it was falls count anywhere, got the pinfall. Austin and Shane would then celebrate with beer and Bischoff for no apparent reason bladed when his head took no severe damage from the table bump. This match was just bound to be a clusterfuck due to Bischoff not even being a real competitor. You knew something was going to go down and it sure as hell did, in a bad way. The match wasn’t much of a match and was rather boring until Coach interfered. Then, it was just a matter of time before Austin came out and Shane won. Rule changes and interferences just made the match a clusterfuck. It really just ended up being one big stunt. Bischoff should have had someone take his spot and wrestle for him and if his guy lost Bischoff would face some punishment, but that’s not what happened. It was more of a big spectacle if anything, but not even Austin could save this. – **1/2

Eddie Guerrero v. Chris Benoit v. Rhyno v. Tajiri – US Title Match

Four pretty good if not great ring workers in the ring during this one. Benoit’s wrestling was dead on during this one and he was really the highlight of the match. Loved the Three Amigos spot and the Tarantula Submission which I’ve never seen before I saw this match. It looked fucking sick. It’s no wonder why Benoit is one of the all time greats. Overall the match was pretty good. Didn’t see one botch and for a fatal four-way it was really well organized and under control. There was never too much going on. Great ring work by all. The submission standoff between Eddie and Benoit was gold and I loved every second of it. Really liked this match and as of right now, my favorite fatal four-way. Eddie retained in a quick pinfall victory after Benoit took, I believe, Rhyno out to the outside. Great match. – ***3/4

Kurt Angle v. Brock Lesnar – WWE Title Match

Such a great match. Started off with quick and swift chain wrestling. Both men would have short bursts of offense before the other regained control. There was a roller coaster of momentum and emotion. It was just a really technically sound wrestling match and I think Lesnar’s wrestling ability was completely overshadowed by his look and sheer dominance, but he and Kurt put on a wrestling clinic in this match. I don’t know if this surpasses their Wrestlemania 19 match as it’s been a while since I saw it, but it sure as hell was great. Vince got involved and hit Kurt with a steel chair while the ref was out which allowed Brock to hit an F5. After Kurt kicked out of the pin, Lesnar went for another F5 but Kurt countered it into an Angle Lock. Lesnar would grab three of the four ropes, but Kurt would pull away each time and Lesnar eventually tapped. Such a great finish and there were some good false finishes in there as well. Great build with a great heel turn leading into a great match. – ****1/2

Rob Van Dam v. Kane – No Holds Barred Match

This match was nothing special. Just the usual cool down match between main events. It was still a good time killer. There were parts of the match though that felt slow and boring, mainly the action outside of the ring. The last 4-5 minutes or so are pretty good so that saved it from being a total buzzkill. – ***

Triple H v. Randy Orton v. Chris Jericho v. Goldberg v. Shawn Michaels v. Kevin Nash – Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Elimination Chamber Preview

Well, it was a good day to be a Goldberg mark I suppose. See, I normally like Elimination Chamber matches. I like the concept and it’s one of my favorite match types, but this is by far the worst Chamber match I’ve seen. It started out well it HBK and Jericho going one on one. No real surprise there. Orton was the first to be released from the pods. He didn’t really cause much of a stir mainly because no one cared for him at the time, but that’s a different story. Then Nash comes in, goes on an offensive assault and then is eliminated two and a half minutes after he entered. Okay, short and quick elimination. I guess I’ll let it slide besides, he did destroy everyone before he left, lolz. Trips is next to enter, but as soon as his chamber door opens HBK super kicks him and Hunter goes into oversell mode for like ten minutes for the finish of the match, but I’ll get to that in a second. Goldberg is obviously last to enter and by God I could have waited another three minutes. He comes in and wrecks everyone. Spears Orton, eliminates him. Then spears Jericho through a chamber pod. HBK gets a few punches in, but good ol’ Bergie goes back to the offensive and goes right through Michaels. If I remember correctly, Jericho is eliminated first followed by Michaels not even two minutes later. So, in about five minutes, Goldberg enters the match and buried two future HOF’ers and the future of the company. Good job there Bergie. Then, it’s onto Trips who has been watching Goldberg destroy everyone. Flair tries to keep Goldberg out by holding the door shut and at one point was doing it by laying on the barricade with his feet on the door, major lol moment there. But, eventually Goldberg broke through the cage and started to assault Trips. It wasn’t long before they were back in the ring, I’d say about 90 seconds but it’s anyone’s guess. Goldberg lines up a spear on Trips, but Flair had handed him a sledgehammer through the cage and Hunter struck Goldberg with the sledge in mid spear. Then…Trips secures the pinfall and retains.

What a load of shit. Goldberg fucking decimated three men in roughly five minutes and is beaten by one shot from the sledge? On top of that, Trips barely took any damage himself. One Sweet Chin Music and a few punches from Goldberg. That’s it. There wasn’t one false finish the entire match and not one reason to believe Trips was in danger of losing the title. The whole match was pointless. – **1/4

Overall, a terrible SummerSlam. Most likely not that worst, I haven’t seen every SummerSlam, but definitely got that good. The Fatal Fourway was cool and Taker/A-Train was cool for the undercard, but other than that Angle/Lesnar was the only great match on the card. Nothing else really stuck out. Thank God I didn’t have to sit through Zach Gowen/Matt Hardy. Just a poor SummerSlam.

SummerSlam 2003 – ***

SummerSlam 2011 Review

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NOTE: I won’t be addressing the backstage segments and/or the musical performances until the end.

The Miz/R-Truth/Alberto Del Rio v. Rey Mysterio/Kofi Kingston/John Morrison

Alright so coming into tonight’s show we had just five matches scheduled for the card. However, we started the night off with a six man tag match between the team of the Miz, R-Truth, and Alberto Del Rio and the team of Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, and Kofi Kingston that wasn’t even scheduled. Surprisingly though, it was a really good six man tag. The pace was high the entire match and with the exception of a bad performance on Miz’s part, no surprise there, it was a really fun curtain jerker. The finish was the best part of the match though. Kofi and Morrison taking out, actually I can’t remember who they took out, but they took two of their three competitors out and Rey put the nail in the coffin by securing the pin. It was actually a really good 6-8 minute match and it honestly got me excited for the rest of the show. – ***

Mark Henry v. Sheamus

I had high hopes for this match. If you read my Smackdown! review you know that I’m really high on Sheamus at the moment and I’m loving his face turn. The crowd was hot tonight and Sheamus got a really big pop. Then again I wouldn’t be surprised if the crowd consisted of mostly smarks. Anyways, the match was really well done. There was one nasty spot where Sheamus was hunched over the second rope facing the hard camera and Henry rushed him  and did sort of a Bronco Buster maneuver but slide all the way through which I was sure broke Sheamus’ neck. Look bad, but turned out Sheamus was alright. It was roughly a 10 minute match and both men had a good showing, but the most memorable part of the match was without a doubt when Henry put Sheamus through the corner barricade. It had people all around the area jumping and screaming in shock and excitement. It was a crazy moment that shocked a lot of people including myself. However, the match loses some points because of the count out finish. I guess it was all apart of a major sell, but Sheamus couldn’t muster the strength to make it back to the ring before the count reached 10. I felt cheated by the finish, but I suppose it will make me hungrier to see their next encounter…which it has. – ***1/4

Kelly Kelly w/ Eve v. Beth Phoenix w/ Natalya for the Diva’s title

Now, the match got a little more time than Diva’s matches usually do even on PPV so it was cool in that aspect, but the match itself sucked. Kelly’s a poor ring worker and is over solely on her looks. She’s just so cringe worthy in the ring with all her screams and what not. There was one funny part of the match where Beth was lifting Kelly from the turnbuckle to eventually set her up for the Glam Slam and she was grabbing Kelly’s tights and they were really starting to get low. I thought Kelly was on the verge of losing her pants, which I was all for, but unfortunately it just led to Kelly reversing the Glam Slam into a roll up and winning. Poor match and Kelly’s a tease. – **

Wade Barrett v. Daniel Bryan

I knew from the get go that this match was going to be great. A good ring worker in Barrett and arguably the best in the world in Bryan it was a given that this match was going to be good and it was. Most of the match is foggy to me, but I do remember Bryan unleashing a flurry of kicks to various parts of Barrett’s body and eventually one to the head. It was a good 12-15 minute match and I’ll probably go back and re-watch it at some point, but I remember being entertained and satisfied by it. Great match. – ***3/4

Randy Orton v. Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship

Before the match Christian announced he had someone to come support him at ringside and it turned out to be Edge. It was a great fucking moment to see Edge return. He looked fresh and healthy and happy. He was just excited to be there and he showed it. His return and entrance made the night for me as I’ve been an Edge mark for years. Anyways, Edge said a few words about Christian and eventually made the point of Christian being a cry baby and using tasteless tactics to win. Edge admitted he did these things, but said he did it in style. He eventually called Christian a bitch, I’m paraphrasing here since I can’t remember the extra few words Edge added in before the “bitch”, and then walked away. Christian was screaming for Edge to come back, but eventually Orton’s music hit and the match begun.

It was a long match, roughly 25 minutes, so I can’t remember all the details. However, the match started out I believe with good old fashioned brawling. There weren’t many, if any, submissions in this one, but there were some nasty bumps. So nasty apparently that Orton was bleeding from the mouth and I believe the thumb which Orton then used as face paint towards the end…go figure. Lots of kendo stick action, Christian took all three table bumps, and a pretty nasty bump on the steel steps which were in the ring. Thought for sure there was some legitimate damage done there, but he took it like a champ. It was just an overall hard knocks style match and both men took some punishment. There was even a spot where they both landed on a flat table in the ring. I don’t remember the exact move they executed, but the table wasn’t even setup so it must have hurt like hell. I was disappointed that Orton one the belt back, but they’re likely going to continue the feud into NOC or Vengeance, possibly even into Survivor Series. Either way, it was a fantastic match just like they’re previous four, though I didn’t see MITB or CP but I heard good things. – ****1/2

CM Punk v. John Cena for the Undisputed WWE Title w/ Special Guest Referee Triple H

The main event, the match we all paid to see. CM Punk vs. John Cena for the Undisputed WWE title. Now I heard WWE wanted less matches on the card so that they had more time for this match as they wanted to top MITB. I don’t know if they did that, but it sure as hell was a good match. It started off slow with a lot of chain wrestling and submissions. Really technical style wrestling here. The crowd was AMAZING for this match. Not quite as good as Chicago, but that was an all smark crowd. The pace started to pick up and the two really went at it. Most of the action stayed in the ring except for when Punk dove through the ropes and hit Cena. Instead of a double count out, Trips threw both men back into the ring and the match continued. It was a really good match with a few clever counters and great selling on both parts. I’m not going to map out the match for you as you really should see it for yourself, but it was a really good fucking match. Punk won, but Cena’s leg was on the ropes and Trips missed it which made me feel cheated, again, but I was happy for Punk’s win and didn’t question it. I just thought of it as more material for the feud…and then all hell broke lose. Punk was left alone, celebrating in the ring when all of a sudden Kevin fucking Nash of all people is in the ring and attacks Punk. Trips realizes what’s going on and heads down to the ring, but Nash ran off through the crowd and I, among others, was left stunned…and then shit really got crazy. ADR comes out, cashes in his MITB briefcase and wins the WWE title.

I’ve never seen a bigger display of fuckery in my life. ADR is a talentless worm who’s only upside is being half decent in the ring. He put Rey out of action and feuded with Edge and yet still couldn’t garner any heat if he were to rape a small child in the ring on live television. I’m just not happy about the situation at the moment…I know,”Tell me how you really feel.” Shat ap. Match rating – ****1/4 – Mostly for the swerves at the end.

Overall it was a good PPV and it’s going to give us a lot to think about. Why was Nash involved? ADR’s title reign. How will this affect Cena/Punk. Where do we go from here? The backstage stuff was good as well. Punk and Steph exchanged words backstage and Steph asked for a handshake and Punk responded with,”I would, but I know where that hand has been.” which had me trolololol’ing. We did see Steph leave Cena’s dressing room, but that was never explained. Maybe there is a conspiracy. Maybe Trips, Steph, Nash, ADR, and Cena have teamed up…nah, Russo isn’t writing. So it couldn’t be that.

I’m still pissed off that both the IC and US titles weren’t defended. It just goes to show how shortsighted WWE really is. The titles need a lot of working on to mean something again and this has been another opportunity missed by the WWE. I would have taken Riley/Ziggler and Rhodes/Zeke over the 6 man tag and musical performances. I honestly would have. The matches on the card were really good, for the most part, and so that’s good. Edge’s return and the two title matches really made up for it as well. Overall a good undercard and two great main events only held back by the Diva’s match which was a given.

SummerSlam 2011 – ****1/2

Backlash 2006 Review

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Carlito v. Chris Masters

The show kicked off with this match and it sure as hell didn’t disappoint. For a curtain jerker, it was one hell of a match. The timing in this match was great, a roller coaster ride of momentum if you will. Carlito sold very well, but Masters looked sluggish in this match. A lot of the match should have looked smoother and more fluid than it actually was but Masters couldn’t keep up. Carlito took a powerbomb into the turnbuckle and sold it like a Girl Scout selling cookies and some of his facial expressions were gold. Carlito won by reversing a Masterlock by forcing Masters head first into the turnbuckle and hitting the Backcracker. There was only one botch – the moonsault. The blame completely falls on Masters as he began falling backwards before Carlito even touched him. It just came off really bad. Other than that, it was a good match to start the show off and I enjoyed it. – ***

Ric Flair v. Umaga w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada

Okay, so let me just start off by saying I’ve always enjoyed Umaga’s ring work. Big powerful guy who can really bring it, but can also fly around the ring with ease. He really was fun to watch in the ring. This match didn’t really showcase all of that. We started off with Umaga bro-rushing, yes I make up words here…actually I stole that term from someone lolz, Flair and eventually drug him back into the ring. Flair got a good 2-3 minutes worth of offense in, mostly chops – no surprise there. But eventually Ric went for a Figure 4 that Umaga reversed and it was all Umaga from there. Flying headbutt whilst Flair was in the tree of woe, rammed Flair’s head while he was prone against the turnbuckle, flying headbutt from the second rope, and finished Flair off with a Samoan spike…and of course Flair oversold almost all of them. Standard squash match, but would have liked to see Umaga dominate a bit longer, but I guess there’s no need when you’re that convincing. Served it’s purposed, but didn’t really put on a good match. – **1/2

Trish Stratus v. Mickie James for the Women’s Championship

I won’t lie, most of my time watching this match was spent watching Mickie’s gorgeous ass. If you remember the match you know she had a pretty revealing outfit and oh did it reveal :D. Anyways, the match was lackluster to say the least. Trish spent the early part of the match dominating, but she really didn’t do anything to exciting. Mickie then shifted the momentum by catapulting Trish over the rope and onto the floor and Trish sold it well. Mickie got some cheap offense it but ultimately lost the match by DQ by violating the ref’s 5 count which was speculated as to if she did it purposely. Good heelish tactics, but a poor finish for a PPV. Match was way too short and didn’t do much for the time it was given anyway. Their Wrestlemania 22 match was 10x better than this. At least they were fun to look at. 🙂 – **

Rob Van Dam v. Shelton Benjamin – Winner Takes All Match

Probably my favorite match of the night. Both men were in great shape especially RVD compared to the bogged down, slower version of himself he is today. Both men showcased great athleticism and terrific pacing. Shelton’s sunset flip into a powerbomb on Van Dam to the outside was a tremendous display of why he once was “The Gold Standard”. These two had great showings of offense exchanging the momentum, each taking turns for minutes on end. Eventually, the momentum changes happened more and more often. Both men having great surges of offense including Shelton’s reversal of Van Dam’s second Rolling Thunder attempt into a freaking Samoan drop for Christ’s sake and his leaping superplex. Benjamin had some awesome spots, but Van Dam wasn’t far behind. I fucking love this match just because of how well it was planned out. Van Dam failing on the Rolling Thunder twice before finally hitting it, the Five Star Frog Splash being delayed once and countered the second before he finally hit it, and just everything else in between was great. I don’t want to sit here and map out the entire match move by move, but overall it was a phenomenal match that went longer than I expected and far exceeded my expectations. The Intercontinental Title was once known as the workhorse title and these men worked for it like no other. Spectacular match just under 20 minutes.  Van Dam wins the IC title and retains his MITB briefcase. – ****

Kane v. Big Show

Alright so I’m not going to spend much time on most of the match because there really wasn’t much to talk about. It was rather slow since bother guys were of gargantuan stature and the match just wasn’t too impressive. The finish, however, is rather interesting. As Kane continues his assault on Show on the outside red lights fill the arena and the mysterious voice repeats the date “May 19th” , which I know was the release date of See No Evil but can’t remember what else, and it ultimately sent Kane into a crazed state. Kane was overwhelmed by the voices and rolled around the ring looking as if he were in pain. Show feels bad for him so he strikes Kane with a steel chair to put him out of his misery to which Kane eventually sat up from moments after the voices silenced and Show walked away. This would eventually lead to a Kane/Imposter Kane feud into Vengeance. Some would consider this an odd and poor finish, but I enjoyed it for being different. Doesn’t makeup for a poor match though. – **1/2

Shawn Michaels & “God” v. Mr. McMahon & Shane McMahon

This match had a great build and one spectacular hardcore match behind it. Vince taking pot shots at God = automatic heat. HBK came to play and he showed it. Shawn lead the match with strong and quick offense and made his way up the ramp in under two minutes where we saw a great spot. HBK threw Shane into a part of the stage then proceeded perform a cross body on Vince, sending both of them flying off the stage and through the set below. Eventually Shane turned the tides and hit Michaels with a steel chair which eventually led to the McMahons building an offense. I really have to give credit to HBK for the punishment he took during the match because after the stage bump and HBK was dragged down to ringside, he was immediately thrown into the barricade with resounding impact. Vince would then proceed to whip Michaels with a belt, among other punishment, before finally getting on the mic and talking down to “God” which eventually showed “God” “leaving”. Vince then turned his attention to HBK and tried to perform a super kick, but HBK caught him. This led to Michaels taking the match back and eventually setting up Vince and Shane so he could put them both through a table simultaneously, but HBK saw the Spirit Squad at ringside and decided to hit them instead. Eventually the group and Michaels brawled on the outside, but HBK was outnumbered and eventually thrown into the ring where he was put through the table and pinned by Vince which led to the funniest moment of the night where JR flew off the handle and oversold the fuck out of the finish by yelling “This is bullshit!” – lmao. Overall it was a solid match. The pace was high and it never really slowed down. Shawn took a beating and still put on a great performance. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t quite top Vince/HBK from ‘Mania just weeks prior. Still a great match. – ****

John Cena v. Triple H v. Edge w/ Lita for the WWE Title

The match started off with Edge bailing out to ringside like the sly, sneaky heel he was portraying at the time and allowed HHH and Cena to go at it for a while. Eventually they caught onto it when Edge was on the ring apron cheering them on. They teamed up on Edge and it eventually led to HHH slamming Edge’s head onto the announce table, but Cena felt the need to one up him. They then proceeded to smash Edge’s head into the announce table several times before moving on. Eventually all three are in the ring and Trips tosses Cena to ringside which allows Edge and Trips to go at it. It all leads to Edge DDT’ing Trips into the announce table producing a “HOLY SHIT!” chant from the crowd. With HHH out of the picture, Edge pounced on a vulnerable Cena and dominated Cena for two minutes or so until Cena countered a hold into the STFU. Trips realizes the match may be over and smashes Cena into the head with a microphone. Then I kind of forget exactly what happened, but basically there were a lot of counters into finishes, Edge was thrown into the crowd by Trips and we wouldn’t see him until he broke Cena’s STFU. One part of the match I really liked was the spot where Cena had Edge into the FU position on the turnbuckle facing the crowd and Trips swoops them up from below and slams them into the map. It really got the crowd jacked up. Eventually Trips pulls a sledgehammer out to use on Cena, but before he can Edge spears him and commodores the sledge to use on Cena. Cena counters this attempt and puts Edge into the FU position, but Trips pushes Cena into the ropes thus tossing Edge to the outside. Trips then goes for a Pedigree, but it’s countered into a roll-up and Cena wins.

I was kind of disappointed with the finish. The buildup towards the end was so fucking epic and then we just end up with a roll-up? As JR would say,”This is bullshit!”. But, it pleased the crowd and that’s all that really matters I guess. Still, an epic match. Everyone played they’re roles well and actually made a Triple Threat match look good. The buildup to the finish was the best part of the match though. – ****1/4

Overall, the event produced three stellar matches and some funny segments. Vince’s “Walking on water” segment was fucking gold. Good PPV, but not great.

Backlash 2006 – ***1/4

IC Title: William Regal v. RVD

Though it was a tad bit short, it was a good match and one of the better curtain jerkers I’ve seen from a Wrestlemania. Started the show off on a good note. – ***

European Title: DDP v. Christian

Christian started the program off with a good promo which set the tone for the match. DDP and Christian are really good workers so I was excited for this one. Overall it was a good match. Enjoyed the finisher counters at the end, but knew it was over when DDP hit the Diamond Cutter. Good match. – ***1/4

Hardcore Title: Goldust v. Maven

Don’t really know the build to this match, so maybe that took away from it, but overall this match was nothing special. Dustin got a few laughs out of me with the gold weapons especially the shovel. When he tossed him into the barrier at the start of the match, it looked REALLY good. Other than that, it was extremely short and thought that Spike Dudley coming from nowhere to win was BS. I mean it’s Spike freaking Dudley. Then the backstage brawl turning into Hurricane winning was just facepalm worthy. Luckily Maven gets it back later on. Poor match though. – **

Kane v. Kurt Angle

Really good match. Kurt kicked things off with a rather funny promo that got him some good heat. Kane, as always in those days, came down to the ring with intensity and all the intimidation in the world. I thought these two were good foils for one another in the ring. Kurt had wrestling and athleticism on his side and Kane had power and strength on his. Kane, surprisingly, showed some athleticism of his own with the spinning powerslam and enzuguri. I was really amazed with Angle’s modified suplex from the top rope. So quick and so agile. Really enjoyed the finish with Angle reversing the Chokeslam into a roll up and using the ropes. – ***3/4

Ric Flair v. Undertaker

The promo before the match gave me a glimpse of how the build went and it seemed like a good build. Both men came to hurt each other and that’s exactly what they did. Ric brought it from the get-go and dominated the first 2 – 2 and a half minutes of the match then Taker went on a mean streak of violence. Then both men had highs and lows and was enough to keep my attention. I thought AA’s interference was really good. His spinebuster on Taker got an “OMG” out of me. Didn’t think ol’ AA had it in him. In the end Taker got the win, of course. I want to give this match a good rating just because it’s Taker/Flair, but overall it wasn’t anything too special, but it was enough to entertain me. – ***1/2

Edge v. Booker T

 The match was rather good. Both men brought it and the action never really seemed to slow down. Edge’s missed spear into the turnbuckle got an audible reaction from me and looked bad, in a good way of course. The Edgerooni was a fun little trick to watch as well. The multiple counters into the Edgecution were really good and Edge of course got the win. The only thing I didn’t like was Edge’s failed Hurracuranna from the top turn buckle. Even before it was executted I was worried because of Booker’s foot placement. Knew he was gonna get caught on the ropes and he did. JR sold it was Booker resisting, but I don’t know if that’s trully what happened. Overall, a fun match. Short, but fun. ***3/4

Stone Cold Steve Austin v. Scott Hall w/ Kevin Nash

Started off slow with the two trading blows going back and forth. Until it happened, I was waiting for Nash to get involved and it didn’t take long with Austin delivering a shot to the back. Though I just watched it, nothing really stands out for a couple of minutes mainly because I was side tracked with something else. However, towards the end things heated up. Nash’s interference taking out the 1st ref and coming to the aid of Hall caught my attention. Austin then delivers a stunner to each and goes for the pin on Hall. There’s no conscious ref so we wait for another to get to the ring. One finally does and right before the 3 count Nash takes out this ref as well. At this point, I knew Austin was pissed and he just went ape shit on the two. It was pretty much all Austin from there on out until Hall hit a stunner on Austin which got me thinking he was gonna pick up the victory, but he didn’t. Austin finally hits back to back stunners on Hall which I found fucking hilarious and Hall sold them very well especially the second one. Austin gets the victory and receives a huge pop from the fans. The ending really made the match. – ****

WWF Tag Team Titles: Four-Team Elimination Match

Let me just start by saying that Stacy was too fucking hot dancing on stage. Look good the entire time actually and damn was Jeff lucky to get a feel of that. 😀

Anyway, I thought the match dragged on a bit too long. Dvon’s table spot was good as well as the Dudley’s overall elimination. Thought the match was over after Billy’s Fameasser which of course followed a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb on Chuck, but it wasn’t. Really good false finish. Though in the end I thought the finish was really weak. We could have ended on a Twist of Fate/Swanton Bomb combo which had the crowd going, but a cheap shot with the title gets Billy and Chuck the win. Overall, the match felt dragged out and sloppy at times. The finish sucked and the titles went to the wrong team. However, Stacy’s ass was a great match saver. – **3/4

The Rock v. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Well, what can you say. It’s the fucking Rock and Hulk Hogan! This match truly was GREAT. Storytelling at it’s finest. The come face to face, the look around and realize what’s about to go down. The Rock, the future of the company, gets knocked down by the great veteran Hulk Hogan, but he gets up and begins a comeback. The match starts slow and slowly, slowly builds. The pace quickens as the match goes on. The fans are cheering for The Rock, they’re cheering for Hogan. The crowd was on absolute fire the entire time. The two competitors are truly going at it and then, it happens. Hulk begins to Hulk up like only he can. Nothing can phase him. He does the “YOU!” pose Rocky takes a few bumps and Hogan hits the leg drop and goes for the pin, but it’s not over! Finally, Rocky hits a Rock Bottom, but he knows he isn’t through and hits another Rock Bottom yet he still isn’t satisfied. We all knew it was coming. The Rock does a kipup and stands over Hogan. Off comes the elbow pad. Rock flies across the rings, hits the ropes, and delivers a People’s Elbow! Drops to the mat, goes for the pin, and “1-2-3!” gets it. Amazing match. Icon vs. Icon. It lived up to the hype and then some. The only thing that would have made it better is if I was old enough to get into the storyline and truly enjoy the match and watch it as it happened, but I was not. Nonetheless, amazing match. True class shown at the end with the hand shake. Then Rocky coming back to save Hogan from Hall and Nash Great fucking moment. – *****

Women’s Title: Triple Threat between Jazz, Lita, and Trish Stratus

Wasn’t expecitng much from this match. I saw it more of a relief match after what was an epic Rock/Hogan matchup. Something to let the crowd chill out for a while. Didn’t really achieme much else. Jazz got the win. – **

Undisputed WWF Title: Chris Jericho w/ Stephanie McMahon v. Triple H

Crowd wasn’t as into as they should have been. Maybe they were still word out from Hogan/Rock, but this was still a solid match. Hogan/Rock should have headlined, bu it isn’t like this match sucked. It was a good match. I enjoyed Stephanie’s presence and Jericho’s attack on Trips’ leg. The table spot was great and overall the match was entertaining. – ***3/4

Overall the PPV was really good and kept me interested throughout the entire show. One of the better Wrestlemania’s of all time.

Wrestlemania 18 – ****