WWF Wrestlemania 14 Review

Posted: May 13, 2012 in 1998
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15 Team Battle Royal – **
-Nothing bad, just not that great. Cool to see the Road Warriors come back and take this BR though.

Taka Michinoku vs. Aguila  (LHW Title) – *1/2
-Aguila was extremely botchy in this match. Nothing felt natural. He looked rushed and his strikes were horrible. They looked like baby taps. Nothing more than a poorly execute spotfest.

HHH vs. Owen Hart (European Title) – ***
-The finish was very well executed with Chyna blinding Slaughter and low blowing Owen. THIS is how you book a heel faction.

Mero/Sable vs. Goldust/Luna – **1/4
-No one can deny how prominent the Mero/Sable saga was during this time and surprisingly enough Sable actually MADE this match for me. She did light years better than I thought she would and after being delayed the opportunity to get in there and kick some Luna ass she finally got it and went HAM. Thought she’d be ready to end it after the powerbomb, but went for a TKO. Well done. Hats of to Sable.

The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock  (IC title) – *1/2

-It’s not that it was a bad match, it’s the fact it didn’t even last 5 minutes and then Shamrock’s win is voided by a technicality. The best thing to come from all this is Rock’s excommunication from The Nation by Farooq.

Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charlie vs. New Age Outlaws (Dumpster Match/Tag titles) – **1/4
-Rather slow and uneventful until the later parts. Thought the finish was pretty unorthodox, but I still liked it.

Undertaker vs. Kane – **3/4
-LOVED the build in this feud, but the match failed to live up to the hype. The latter half was where things picked up with the great dive to the outside by Taker and side step by Kane sending Taker through the table. Kane no sold like hell though. I understand he was booked to be untouchable in this match, which is why he was on offense for 90% of it, but there was a leg drop by Taker after a tombstone that Kane just took. Didn’t even flinch. Nothing that would ruin the match though. Thought the three tombstone finish to put Kane away was kind of anti-climatic, but it made sense.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels  (WWE Title) – ***3/4
-Well paced, intense brawling executed spectacularly. Match started off with a quick and ruthless pace for roughly 10 minutes before it slowed down. I love when guys come out swinging with all they have. Things slowed down, HBK went on the offensive, strategically working the left leg. Austin got in bits of offense here and there, but Shawn had him until he tuned up the band. Austin reversed the superkick, Shawn reversed the stunner, Austin reversed another superkick, and then finally STUNNER! 1-2-3 – Attitude Era bEG1ns!!

Average, but fun card.

Wrestlemania 14 – **1/2


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