Raw Review – 8/15/2011

Posted: August 15, 2011 in 2011

Alright so I came into this show with high hopes. All the controversy created by the WWE Title match finish at SummerSlam had me anticipating something special. Triple H opened the show addressing the bad call he made the night prior and said that he would apologize to Cena face to face later tonight which we didn’t actually see, but we saw Trips enter Cena’s locker room so I assume it went down there. He then addressed the Kevin Nash situation and told us he had sent Nash a text inviting him to Raw and Nash agreed as long as he could “tell the truth”. After Trips left we saw ADR come out and deliver a promo. Didn’t see it? It’s okay, he said the same thing a few months ago on Smackdown!. Seriously, the man is repetitive and boring. Go watch the promo. It won’t be easy I assure you, but it’s the truth.

I’m not going to really touch on the matches tonight because Raw’s matches never mean much with the exception of a main event match here and there. I will say however that Turth/Morrison was a decent watch and the finish was rather unique. Also, the commentary during the Swagger/Riley match was fucking awful. Vickie and Dolph going at with Lawler and Cole egging them, completely ignoring the match. JR tried to turn the attention to the match, but with four morons at the desk what exactly do you expect? I felt sorry for JR. Oh and the Divas’ match got more airtime tonight. I want to say it got roughly five minutes or so. The match still sucked, but I think WWE is starting to give the Divas division more airtime. Other than that, nothing too amazing happened during tonight’s matches so that’s that.

Shortly after Trips’ promo Miz cut a promo which ultimately led to a mini feud with Jared “The Subway Guy” at ringside. Miz cut an “impromptu” Subway commercial as he told us that he’d make a better spokesperson for Subway than Jared. I thought the promo was hilarious and Miz is continuing to grow and become a more well rounded talent. Eating the sandwich at the end was just a cherry on top of the sundae. 🙂

Moving on to what will have most people buzzing is the Nash/Punk promo. I won’t map out the entire thing because it was just too epic so if you haven’t seen it, check it out here…

“You wanna see the text message my little sister Shileen sent me last night?” – ROFL

Punk was absolute gold on the mic tonight. Nash set him up so well it wasn’t even funny. Some insider stuff, sure, but the crowd responded well to most of it if not all of it which made it even better. It was honestly the best part of the night and the only reason Raw was worth watching.

We had a small interaction between Punk and Steph backstage again and while it was brief and Punk didn’t really say anything, it was still good to see Steph back and I’m enjoying her appearances. Hopefully she becomes a mainstay.

Eventually we had the WWE title match between ADR and Rey and while it was a good match, the winner was obvious but the whole purpose of that match was for Cena to come out and deliver a promo on ADR calling him a scumbag, putting over Punk, and telling ADR that he would whip his ass for the title which led me to think two things.

Since when did cashing in the MITB title on a weakened opponent become a bad thing? Last I checked you earned that briefcase and it’s the smart thing to do. Cena’s “protector of the universe and live by honor and respect” gimmick is running out of material and it shows in his responses to Rock over Twitter and on TV. Secondly, WWE is really starting to let the edge in.

Between the Punk/Nash encounter and Cena’s little promo it’s dawned on me that we could be witnessing another build into a wrestling boom. Now, the chances are low maybe, but 2011 is reminding me of 1997 A LOT and while I didn’t see 1997 in full, I know how it was pretty much laid out. Started off as just another year in the New Generation Era and as time went by it slowly inched into an edgier, more adult oriented program known as the great Attitude Era. 2011 has been the same way. Started as just another year in the PG era and slowly inched it’s way into an edgier program that was really kick started by the Rock’s return. 2011 has been a great year. Returns by the likes of Austin, Rock, Nash, Booker T, Trish Stratus, and Tough Enough. CM Punk’s worked shoot promo and the “Summer of Punk” which has become the hottest storyline in years, definitely within the last five. With Rock expected at Survivor Series and other PPV events culminating at Wrestlemania 28, it wouldn’t surprise me if WWE became “TV14” again. Now, the toy deal with Mattel makes this a longshot, but with the rise of guys like the Miz, Punk, Christian, and Sheamus, we could have a very talented roster on our hands. Just end the brand extension, throw all these great talents and storylines onto on roster, and just book it properly. WWE could be great.

BUT, that’s just wishful thinking. That’s about it for this review. I know it’s a bit different than my Smackdown! review but expect that to be the norm since Raw doesn’t much else than the Punk/Cena/ADR/Trips/Nash storyline. Phew, that’s a mouthful. Plus, Fridays are just really relaxed for me. Smackdown! is just a really well booked wrestling oriented show with multiple entertaining storylines that I can just relax to while watching. Plus I’m starting to get into SyFy’s original series Haven. Don’t know why, but SciFi stuff has just always reminded me of my childhood for some odd reason so when I saw Haven, which is actually a pretty cool show, I just fell in love. That’s a story for a different day though. Hope you guys enjoyed.


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