Backlash 2006 Review

Posted: August 12, 2011 in 2006

Carlito v. Chris Masters

The show kicked off with this match and it sure as hell didn’t disappoint. For a curtain jerker, it was one hell of a match. The timing in this match was great, a roller coaster ride of momentum if you will. Carlito sold very well, but Masters looked sluggish in this match. A lot of the match should have looked smoother and more fluid than it actually was but Masters couldn’t keep up. Carlito took a powerbomb into the turnbuckle and sold it like a Girl Scout selling cookies and some of his facial expressions were gold. Carlito won by reversing a Masterlock by forcing Masters head first into the turnbuckle and hitting the Backcracker. There was only one botch – the moonsault. The blame completely falls on Masters as he began falling backwards before Carlito even touched him. It just came off really bad. Other than that, it was a good match to start the show off and I enjoyed it. – ***

Ric Flair v. Umaga w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada

Okay, so let me just start off by saying I’ve always enjoyed Umaga’s ring work. Big powerful guy who can really bring it, but can also fly around the ring with ease. He really was fun to watch in the ring. This match didn’t really showcase all of that. We started off with Umaga bro-rushing, yes I make up words here…actually I stole that term from someone lolz, Flair and eventually drug him back into the ring. Flair got a good 2-3 minutes worth of offense in, mostly chops – no surprise there. But eventually Ric went for a Figure 4 that Umaga reversed and it was all Umaga from there. Flying headbutt whilst Flair was in the tree of woe, rammed Flair’s head while he was prone against the turnbuckle, flying headbutt from the second rope, and finished Flair off with a Samoan spike…and of course Flair oversold almost all of them. Standard squash match, but would have liked to see Umaga dominate a bit longer, but I guess there’s no need when you’re that convincing. Served it’s purposed, but didn’t really put on a good match. – **1/2

Trish Stratus v. Mickie James for the Women’s Championship

I won’t lie, most of my time watching this match was spent watching Mickie’s gorgeous ass. If you remember the match you know she had a pretty revealing outfit and oh did it reveal :D. Anyways, the match was lackluster to say the least. Trish spent the early part of the match dominating, but she really didn’t do anything to exciting. Mickie then shifted the momentum by catapulting Trish over the rope and onto the floor and Trish sold it well. Mickie got some cheap offense it but ultimately lost the match by DQ by violating the ref’s 5 count which was speculated as to if she did it purposely. Good heelish tactics, but a poor finish for a PPV. Match was way too short and didn’t do much for the time it was given anyway. Their Wrestlemania 22 match was 10x better than this. At least they were fun to look at. 🙂 – **

Rob Van Dam v. Shelton Benjamin – Winner Takes All Match

Probably my favorite match of the night. Both men were in great shape especially RVD compared to the bogged down, slower version of himself he is today. Both men showcased great athleticism and terrific pacing. Shelton’s sunset flip into a powerbomb on Van Dam to the outside was a tremendous display of why he once was “The Gold Standard”. These two had great showings of offense exchanging the momentum, each taking turns for minutes on end. Eventually, the momentum changes happened more and more often. Both men having great surges of offense including Shelton’s reversal of Van Dam’s second Rolling Thunder attempt into a freaking Samoan drop for Christ’s sake and his leaping superplex. Benjamin had some awesome spots, but Van Dam wasn’t far behind. I fucking love this match just because of how well it was planned out. Van Dam failing on the Rolling Thunder twice before finally hitting it, the Five Star Frog Splash being delayed once and countered the second before he finally hit it, and just everything else in between was great. I don’t want to sit here and map out the entire match move by move, but overall it was a phenomenal match that went longer than I expected and far exceeded my expectations. The Intercontinental Title was once known as the workhorse title and these men worked for it like no other. Spectacular match just under 20 minutes.  Van Dam wins the IC title and retains his MITB briefcase. – ****

Kane v. Big Show

Alright so I’m not going to spend much time on most of the match because there really wasn’t much to talk about. It was rather slow since bother guys were of gargantuan stature and the match just wasn’t too impressive. The finish, however, is rather interesting. As Kane continues his assault on Show on the outside red lights fill the arena and the mysterious voice repeats the date “May 19th” , which I know was the release date of See No Evil but can’t remember what else, and it ultimately sent Kane into a crazed state. Kane was overwhelmed by the voices and rolled around the ring looking as if he were in pain. Show feels bad for him so he strikes Kane with a steel chair to put him out of his misery to which Kane eventually sat up from moments after the voices silenced and Show walked away. This would eventually lead to a Kane/Imposter Kane feud into Vengeance. Some would consider this an odd and poor finish, but I enjoyed it for being different. Doesn’t makeup for a poor match though. – **1/2

Shawn Michaels & “God” v. Mr. McMahon & Shane McMahon

This match had a great build and one spectacular hardcore match behind it. Vince taking pot shots at God = automatic heat. HBK came to play and he showed it. Shawn lead the match with strong and quick offense and made his way up the ramp in under two minutes where we saw a great spot. HBK threw Shane into a part of the stage then proceeded perform a cross body on Vince, sending both of them flying off the stage and through the set below. Eventually Shane turned the tides and hit Michaels with a steel chair which eventually led to the McMahons building an offense. I really have to give credit to HBK for the punishment he took during the match because after the stage bump and HBK was dragged down to ringside, he was immediately thrown into the barricade with resounding impact. Vince would then proceed to whip Michaels with a belt, among other punishment, before finally getting on the mic and talking down to “God” which eventually showed “God” “leaving”. Vince then turned his attention to HBK and tried to perform a super kick, but HBK caught him. This led to Michaels taking the match back and eventually setting up Vince and Shane so he could put them both through a table simultaneously, but HBK saw the Spirit Squad at ringside and decided to hit them instead. Eventually the group and Michaels brawled on the outside, but HBK was outnumbered and eventually thrown into the ring where he was put through the table and pinned by Vince which led to the funniest moment of the night where JR flew off the handle and oversold the fuck out of the finish by yelling “This is bullshit!” – lmao. Overall it was a solid match. The pace was high and it never really slowed down. Shawn took a beating and still put on a great performance. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t quite top Vince/HBK from ‘Mania just weeks prior. Still a great match. – ****

John Cena v. Triple H v. Edge w/ Lita for the WWE Title

The match started off with Edge bailing out to ringside like the sly, sneaky heel he was portraying at the time and allowed HHH and Cena to go at it for a while. Eventually they caught onto it when Edge was on the ring apron cheering them on. They teamed up on Edge and it eventually led to HHH slamming Edge’s head onto the announce table, but Cena felt the need to one up him. They then proceeded to smash Edge’s head into the announce table several times before moving on. Eventually all three are in the ring and Trips tosses Cena to ringside which allows Edge and Trips to go at it. It all leads to Edge DDT’ing Trips into the announce table producing a “HOLY SHIT!” chant from the crowd. With HHH out of the picture, Edge pounced on a vulnerable Cena and dominated Cena for two minutes or so until Cena countered a hold into the STFU. Trips realizes the match may be over and smashes Cena into the head with a microphone. Then I kind of forget exactly what happened, but basically there were a lot of counters into finishes, Edge was thrown into the crowd by Trips and we wouldn’t see him until he broke Cena’s STFU. One part of the match I really liked was the spot where Cena had Edge into the FU position on the turnbuckle facing the crowd and Trips swoops them up from below and slams them into the map. It really got the crowd jacked up. Eventually Trips pulls a sledgehammer out to use on Cena, but before he can Edge spears him and commodores the sledge to use on Cena. Cena counters this attempt and puts Edge into the FU position, but Trips pushes Cena into the ropes thus tossing Edge to the outside. Trips then goes for a Pedigree, but it’s countered into a roll-up and Cena wins.

I was kind of disappointed with the finish. The buildup towards the end was so fucking epic and then we just end up with a roll-up? As JR would say,”This is bullshit!”. But, it pleased the crowd and that’s all that really matters I guess. Still, an epic match. Everyone played they’re roles well and actually made a Triple Threat match look good. The buildup to the finish was the best part of the match though. – ****1/4

Overall, the event produced three stellar matches and some funny segments. Vince’s “Walking on water” segment was fucking gold. Good PPV, but not great.

Backlash 2006 – ***1/4


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